Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 1000 km
- 4.8 sec.
- 40 kWh
- 449 hp
- 60 L
from 68 000$
AITO big SUV, Wenjie M7, officially introduced on Huawei nova 10 has a 6 - seat layout. Double layer soundproof glass on three sides, outstanding NVH performance. The full maximum power output of the twin-engine all-wheel drive system is 449 horsepower, and the acceleration to 100 kilometers is 4.8 seconds.
Number of doors / seats - 5 / 6
Trunk volume - 688 l
Fuel tank capacity - 60 l
Fuel type - hybrid
Consumption - 1.09 liters
Battery capacity, kWh - 40
Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec - 4.8
Maximum speed, km/h - 190
The center console is T-shaped, equipped with a 10.4-inch LCD and a 15.6-inch large-size floating center control screen. Compared to the M5, the center control has partially changed the location of the center armrest and added 2 slots for 40-watt wireless charging. In addition, the entire M7 series from Wenjie offers 4 interior colors.
The car is equipped with the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit system, has a super desktop function that supports seamless communication between the cell phone and the car, and the cell phone application can also be adapted and easily installed in the car. AITO is a new high-quality brand in the automotive market this year, the launch of Wenjie M7 is the first step to enriching the AITO brand product range.
Electro-powered hybrid
The company has unveiled a powerful electric-powered hybrid that is suitable for both city and long-distance driving. The car is equipped with hidden door handles and 20-inch wheels. 21-inch aerodynamic rims with 15 spokes are also available. The M7 will offer six metallic paint colors: mist gold, azure blue, pine frost green, ceramic white, space gray and gilt black.
Length, mm - 5020
Width, mm - 1945
Height, mm - 1775
Vehicle class D
Automatic transmission
All wheel drive
Wheelbase - 2820 mm
Tire size - 255 / 50 R20
Enough space in the cabin for everyone
A roomy hybrid in rich trim will not leave you indifferent. Adjustable seats, panoramic view, spacious interior and a roomy luggage compartment. Everything gives the impression of a house on wheels. Ideal for long journeys with a large company.
Interior illumination
Convenient seats
Panoramic view
Aito M7
Aito M7 Specifications