Arcfox aS

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 500 km
- 3.5 sec.
- 75.5 kWh
- 655 hp
- N/A
from 57 000$
HUAWEI in cooperation with Arcfox (part of BAIC Group) announced the release of the Alpha S joint electric car. This is the first production car equipped with the HUAWEI Inside hardware system. In addition, it runs the proprietary operating system HarmonyOS and supports autonomous driving technology. The Alpha S electric car is equipped with many sensors, including three LiDARs, six millimeter range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, nine ADS units and four depth sensors.
Number of doors / seats - 5 / 5
Vehicle class: E
Charging time - 13 hours
Type of fuel - electric
Battery capacity, kWh - 74.5
Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec - 3.5
Maximum speed, km/h - 200
Special features
A large number of sensors ensure the operation of the third-level autonomous driving system. Inside the car there is a Kirin 990A processor and a modem supporting fifth-generation networks. In front of the driver there is a huge widescreen touchscreen display for controlling all functions through the HarmonyOS operating system.
Length, mm - 4980
Width, mm - 1960
Height, mm - 1599
Power 643 hp.
Automatic transmission
All-wheel drive
Wheelbase - 2915 mm
Tire size - 245 / 40 R21
The first mass-produced electric vehicle
The hatchback design doubles as a beauty and far exceeds the comfortable driving space of the same class. Support for fast charging is claimed, allowing you to replenish energy for 200 kilometers in 10 minutes, and from 30% to 80% the car charges in 15 minutes.
There is an unofficial autopilot mode, although it is not stated in the specifications. Because in the country of the manufacturer such cars are forbidden to operate on major highways. The system easily recognizes objects, monitors speed and all traffic participants.
Roomy and stylish interior
Leather and eco leather trim, adjustable steering wheel with multimedia buttons. Driver's memory function with owner-adjustment and fatigue level monitoring. Comfortable and spacious seats.
Convenient control
Leather upholstery
Wireless charging
Arcfox aS
Arcfox aS Specifications