BMW iX М60

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 566 km
- 3.8 sec.
- 80.7 kWh
- 618 hp
- N/A
from 154 000$
Integral control
Mobile Space
The interior of the new BMW iX provides a unique atmosphere of calm and relaxation thanks to architecture inspired by contemporary design solutions. Its elements such as the flat front panel with large curved BMW display and the elegant seats are reminiscent of fine furniture pieces, thanks to the high-quality materials and special colors. The free-standing center console that seems to float in the air, the absence of a center tunnel and the largest panoramic glass roof in the history of BMW vehicles create an impressive feeling of space that you don't want to part with.
Integral Active Steering steering steers the rear wheels and uses a variable steering ratio to steer the front wheels. At speeds up to 60 km/h, the rear wheels steer in the opposite direction to the front wheels for improved maneuverability.
Powertrain BMW iX M60
The high-performance drive of the iX M60 with its two powerful BMW M eDrive engines guarantees rapid power delivery. The rear-wheel-drive emphasis of the all-wheel-drive settings and the emotional sound underscore the sporty character. The large high-voltage battery, which provides high power reserves, allows you to enjoy driving even on long journeys.
Adaptive air suspension
The adaptive air suspension on the front and rear axles with automatic body height adjustment and special stabilisers provides exceptional driving comfort while maintaining high driving dynamics. It keeps the vehicle's body height unchanged under all loading conditions and can change it automatically depending on the selected driving mode.
Rear design
An exclusive experience
The design of the BMW iX M60 looks monolithic and athletic, the futuristic interior offers the driver and passengers a luxurious sporty atmosphere. The expressive front bumper with its large vertical BMW grille, the narrow twin headlights and the three-part front bumper attract attention. The optional 22" aerodynamic wheels in Titanium Bronze and the BMW Individual Titanium Bronze exterior design give the vehicle a dynamic appearance. The sleek front fascia, the BMW curved display and the elegant details of the interior accentuate the modern character of the interior.
The large surfaces, the narrowest taillights in the BMW model range and the trunk lid, seamlessly integrated into the overall design, create a modern and recognizable image. The large diffuser insert further optimizes the vehicle's aerodynamics and, in combination with the flat underside, increases the range.
Front Design
The reimagined front end of the BMW iX has a futuristic style. The vertical grille, combined with the narrowest twin headlights in the history of BMW production cars, highlights the modern appearance of the BMW iX.
Side view
The massive rectangular surrounds around the wheel arches draw attention to the car's wheels. The frameless doors with concealed handles and the tapered rear dynamic window line, dubbed Streamflow, harmoniously complement the exterior of the model.
MyModes function
Experience innovative technology in an ultra-modern setting: the BMW iX M60 with the new BMW iDrive operating concept offers digital services, intelligent driver assistance systems and the 5G standard as standard. Always at the highest technical level. Complementing the individual character of the vehicle are the appropriate settings for the chassis, drive system and steering.
My Modes allows you to customise the vehicle dynamics and interior design for a harmonious overall experience. Sporty, economical or balanced - display modes, interior lighting and other elements can be adapted to perfectly match a particular ambience.

Launch Control function

Maximum acceleration thanks to optimum traction - Launch Control ensures a perfect start. Intelligent control with torque distribution ensures that the power of the two electric motors is optimally transferred to the wheels.

BMW iDrive

The BMW iDrive allows you to enjoy the possibilities of the most modern digital technology without any problems. Communication with the infotainment system, using the touch screen and voice control - built on simple and straightforward principles that ensure a comprehensive, highly intelligent and emotional interaction.
The concept of control
BMW iX М60
BMW iX M60 Specifications