Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 600 km
- 7.9 sec.
- 95.8 kWh
- 350 hp
- N/A
from 39 000$
If the appearance of models S and LX is solved in the same style, the Aion V designers drew according to other molds: it has double-deck front lights (LED already "in the base") and separate taillights instead of a continuous line, and in addition they are visually combined with the retractable handles of the rear doors. In length the new parket is close to Mazda CX-5: 4586 mm from bumper to bumper. But in terms of width and wheelbase, the Aion V is comparable to crossovers two classes higher.
Number of doors / seats - 5 / 5
Curb weight - 1930 kg
Cruising range 600 km
Type of fuel - electric
Battery capacity, kWh - 95.8
Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec - 7.9
Maximum speed, km/h - 185
Special features
Especially for the Aion brand, the GEP (GAC Electric Platform) modular platform was created, which allows different machine sizes, suspension configurations and unit combinations. The Aion V model at the start of production uses a simple variant with a single motor on the front axle and a semi-independent suspension at the rear. Ground clearance is modest: 160 mm.
Length, mm - 4586
Width, mm - 1920
Height, mm - 1728
Transmission - automatic
Drive type - front
Wheelbase - 2830 mm
Tire size - 255 / 45 R20
Topical GAC Aion V
The synchronous electric motor is the only variant with 184 hp and 350 Nm. But there is a choice of three versions with traction batteries with a capacity of 60, 70 or 95.8 kW∙h. Passport mileage on a single charge is 400, 530 or 600 km, respectively, although this data is based on the outdated NEDC cycle, so in reality it will be much less.
Later there will be two-engine all-wheel-drive versions with rear independent suspension. The interior design with two screens on the front panel, two-spoke steering wheel and double-deck center tunnel is almost the same as in other models of the brand. Except that the media system of the model V is more recent (with 5G-transmitter), and also there is a brand aromatizer with interchangeable cassettes. The equipment includes an autoparker and a third-level autopilot, which navigates not only with its sensors, but also with a high-precision navigation map.
spacious salon
Huge spacious cabin with folding seats, panoramic roof and convenient controls. Suitable for fans of comfort, active life and long journeys
Smart control
Everything fits
Easy adjustment
AION V Specifications