HiPhi X

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 550 km
- 3.9 sec.
- 97 kWh
- 598 hp
- N/A
from 109 000$
HiPhi X review
Gaohe Automobile uses world-leading manufacturing processes and advanced technologies such as adaptive spot welding, FDS and SPR aircraft-grade fasteners, 8-color art coating, EMS and OTA high-speed wireless technology, which has enabled the Chinese brand to surpass the United States and become a new hallmark for China's high-tech intelligent manufacturing. A series of hardware enhancements such as NT Zhanyi door entry and exit system, PML programmable intelligent headlights + ISD intelligent interactive lights and high-performance dynamic chassis with air suspension have been implemented.

Gao He Hihi X is equipped with L3-level automatic driving assistance system with six double safety reserves, 360-degree panoramic environmental sensing system, extra-large screen and other technologies.
The seats of the second row of the six-seater model are equipped with independent armrests, motion, heating, ventilation and massage functions. A refrigerator, a small table and a champagne stand are provided for rear row passengers.
An all-electric SUV broadcasting cutting-edge values. The "no touch" swing door technology takes the car owner into an innovative new future. And equipped with PML programmable intelligent headlights and ISD interactive lights are capable of projecting and displaying various expressions and symbols according to the owners' wishes.
The interior continues the futuristic look of the car. Instead of physical buttons, there are touch-screen panels. On the front console there is a huge high-definition touchscreen display. The interior harmoniously combines simplicity and visual purity with a technological atmosphere.
For everyone
A steering wheel with a face ID easily recognizes the owner and sets the settings for him. The main user sets the settings for the other three, prohibiting, for example, crawling in personal correspondence or just starting the car if there is a teenager with bubbling hormones in the house. Roomy for the whole family and fast for speed lovers.
Technical Specifications
Powerful, under the hood 598 hp acceleration in 3.9 to 100. Bump memory function.
Wheelbase of 3,150 mm, allows you to call the car a sports car
Powerful wheelbase
This model has matrix headlights and adaptive infrared. automatically switches to night vision.
Adaptive matrix headlamps
Soft suspension
562 touch sensors
Three rows of seats
HiPhi X is a self-learning car. On the verge of robot and technology. Fully alive artificial intelligence, to take care of you on the trip. Every detail says style comfort. For a comfortable ride, the manufacturers have taken care of everything. Luxurious interior trim, 6 seats, a huge trunk and a panoramic view.
For Microsoft fans
The first autorobot with artificial intelligence and the ability to learn. Individual settings for 4 owners, one master
HiPhi Exceeded themselves and put not just cup holders, but also a champagne niche
For lovers of celebrations
Autopilot level 3, allows you to control from your phone. There is an autoparker and the ability to "fit" your car
For those who are very tired
HiPhi X
HiPhi X Specifications