HiPhi Z

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 550 km
- 3.9 sec.
- 97 kWh
- 598 hp
- N/A
from 100 500 $
HiPhi Z review
The HiPhi Z is a low-slung sedan with oversized 22-inch wheels and reverse-opening rear doors. It has a completely original appearance, there is nothing like it. The X has proven to be quite a popular high-end car precisely because it is so different. The Z is likely to be another hit for HiPhi; there is a lot of buzz around this car, with unconfirmed reports that about 2,500 units have already been ordered.
Human Oriented Architecture (HOA) platform with 800-volt architecture. The suspension is based on double wishbones at the front and a five-lever design at the rear. There are air struts with electronically controlled shock absorbers and a steering rear axle capable of deflecting the wheels by an impressive 13.2 degrees to either side.
The concept car only had a large multimedia display in the center of the front panel, capable of changing the orientation from vertical to horizontal and the angle of inclination - everything to please the driver. The multimedia is based on the powerful Qualcomm 8155 chip. There are separate monitors for the rear view camera
HiPhi Z, is almost a complete copy of the concept, inheriting 95% of the details from it. Both models are similar in style, but the more compact station wagon looks more aggressive due to the abundance of broken straight lines and sharp edges. It has a fashionable "soaring" roof, and the doors, like the crossover, have no window frames and open in different directions
A powerful "autorobot"


HiPhi Z speaks of comfort in every detail, combining technology and luxurious materials. The interior of the electric car is made as comfortable as possible in luxurious leather trim. The front seats are equipped with the function of massage, ventilation and heating with continuous adjustment. The steering wheel with face ID easily recognizes the owner and sets the settings for him. The instrument panel is completely replaced by a large 90-degree adjustable projection screen.
Technical Specifications
The sedan is 5036 mm long, 2018 mm wide and 1439 mm high. The body is made of steel and aluminum, the door windows have no frames
Front wheels: 255x45 R22
Rear 285x40 R22

Powerful wheelbase

Headlights "draw" navigation cues directly on the roadway, project a photo, video or text
Adaptive Matrix Headlights
For travel
HiPhi Z speaks of comfort in every detail, combining technology and luxurious materials. The company has its own R&D center in Shanghai and is engaged in the production of expensive and high-tech electric cars. For a comfortable ride, the manufacturers have taken care of the cupholders, and there are about seven - three in the front and four in the back.
For those who like to travel long distances
The front seats are equipped with a massage, ventilation and heating function with stepless adjustment.
A steering wheel with a face ID easily recognizes the owner and sets the settings for him.
Safety on the road
The rear seats have a touchscreen display, like the driver's, but with limited adjustment.
Convenient operation for everyone
More power than a suite
Traction battery of 120 kWh, which is higher than many electric cars in the luxury segment, which only reach the 100 kWh mark
Rear view glass is missing
Peak output 672 horsepower
Text output on the door
HiPhi Z
HiPhi Z Specifications