HiPhi Y

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 765 km
- 4.7 sec.
- 115 kWh
- 505 hp
- N/A
from 74 000 $
The EV HiPhi Y is a new model of electric SUV from the Chinese automaker HiPhi, which was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2023. The HiPhi Y is a luxury vehicle that features innovative technologies and design elements
Cameras are installed at the wings and the B-pillars, and a LiDAR system is mounted on the roof, indicating that its driver-assist system performance holds much promise.
The HiPhi Y showcases the family's characteristic features, including the outstanding head optics. The car has an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.24, reflecting its elegant design. The car is equipped with the second-generation NT intelligent falcon wing-door system, although it has abandoned the butterfly-type door design for wider application in daily life.
Curved three-screen layout
- 17-inch OLED center display.
- 15-inch HD passenger screen/ Supports Bluetooth connectivity and multiple device connectivity
- 22.9-inch HD color head-up display. Supports custom display of lane line information, navigation map, vehicle information.
Futuristic Spaceship
HiPhi Y review
The Sonic Pro system by Meridian connects all occupants of the vehicle with the emotions of the original musical performance. Loudspeakers integrate seamlessly within the vehicle and combine with our precision digital technologies to deliver a premium, authentic and immersive audio experience.


Meridian Horizon is an upmixing technology providing immersive multichannel audio from two channel stereo content, configured for any loudspeaker layout. Providing a truly enveloping and immersive listening experience.

Meridian audio system
Meridian RE-Q is a Cabin Correction technology that removes unwanted cabin resonances, preserving the natural rhythm and timing of the performance. Bass becomes smooth, deep and balanced.

Meridian Intelli-Q is Data-Driven Equalisation that optimises audio playback within the cabin based on data available from the vehicle such as speed, window state, occupancy and audio source. This ensures all occupants in the vehicle enjoy optimal audio experience at all times.
HiPhi Y is a LuxTech SUV for a New Generation of International Pioneers.
Rear windshield
Family design
High body
HiPhi Y
HiPhi Y Specifications