Hongqi E-HS9

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 650 km
- 4 sec.
- 120 kWh
- 600 hp
- N/A
from 110 800$
An unrivalled premium experience
The luxury flagship crossover E-HS9, which is on a par with the RR Culinan and Maybach GLS. A clever off-road vehicle powered by an electric motor. The model captivates at first sight, radiating nobility and elegance in every detail. Combining oriental art with the most advanced technology. Pleasant colours, effective lighting. A panoramic sunroof that creates maximum transparency and a wide viewing angle. The luxurious SUV E-HS9 includes all-green fittings. The basic configuration has a 218-horsepower electric motor on each axle, while the top version boosts the output of the rear engine to 333 horsepower (both motors deliver 551 horsepower in total). The car is capable of accelerating from a standing start to a hundred in less than four seconds and has a range of more than 600 kilometres on a single charge.
The interior is finished in the finest materials: premium leather, natural wood and polished aluminium. The attention to detail is astounding. Every element of the interior is meticulously detailed and complements the overall picture of the interior, reflecting and preserving the brand's values and history. Despite the fact that the crossover is electric at its core, the function keys have retained their shape and are pleasantly responsive when used. All seats are equipped with electric adjustments with memory, heating and cooling systems, ventilation and a massage function.
Giles Taylor
Former chief designer
Rolls-Royce and Jaguar
The Hongqi E-HS9 is a high-tech huge electric luxury crossover from former Rolls-Royce designer Giles Thelore, now working for Chinese company HongQi. Luxury interior, leather all round, wood, crystal, massaging and ventilated seats, plenty of multimedia screens and a panoramic roof. Acceleration of 4 seconds to 100, pneumatic, 650 km battery and 3 tonnes of weight.
Advanced technology
The most advanced vehicle technology in the world. 5 stars in all edge tests. artificial intelligence and autopilot, plenty of multimedia for all passengers. Driving safety systems and fast vehicle charging.

Luxury salon

Comfortable, spacious electric vehicle interior with leather seats. Heating, ventilation and massage for all passengers. Real wood is used in the interior and Swarovski crystals can be added if desired.
Premium materials
Feel like the president of one of the most powerful nations on the planet. Experience the power and quality of the HongQi E-HS9 electric vehicle since 1958.
Powerful, high-capacity batteries deliver up to 510 kilometres, as measured by the NEDC. Don't limit yourself to speed, allow yourself to travel.
Parking assistance
Intelligent matrix LED headlamp.
Ambient lighting and choice of lighting mode.
Discover the world around you
A company with a history

Perfect soundproofing

Complete soundproofing of the car and the luggage compartment.
The first cars originate from 1958 and electric vehicles from 2019.
Accelerates in 4 seconds to 100 km/h. The soft suspension gives the sensation of flying.
Hongqi E-HS9
Hongqi E-HS9 features