Hongqi H9

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 600 km
- 7.1 sec.
- 95.8 kWh
- 400 hp
- 70 L
from 90 000$
This luxury premium sedan impresses with its design. The noble body profile in two-tone design, stylish running lights and exclusive optics. The car is equipped with air suspension and cruise control with lane-keeping capabilities. The car was designed by Rolls-Royce designer Giles Taylor. The premium interior holds all the values of the political elite and immerses you in a world of luxury, nobility and status.
Seat / doors - 5 / 4
Seat heating
Rear LCD screen
Battery type - lithium
Type of fuel - electric
Battery capacity, kWh - 95.8
Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec - 7.1
Maximum speed, km/h - 245
Special features
The center console display is supplemented with command touch functionality. On the front of the tunnel there are two pucks for quick adjustment of on-board options. In this model, the advantage is retained by the physical controls. For your convenience, also created a small compartment for personal belongings and folding armrest provides access to the refrigerator . The front and second row seats are equipped with comfort headrests, heating and ventilation systems. Control your vehicle from the comfort of your own home - H9 supports smartphone remote control, keyless entry, and a convenient and easy-to-use interface.
Length, mm - 5137
Width, mm - 1904
Height, mm - 1493
Steering wheel heating
Seat massage
Panoramic skylight
Maximum power - 252 hp.
Tire size - 245 / 45 R19
a noble and status salon
Large interior with convenient niches and even a mini fridge in the back seat and comfortable LCD screens. Heating and ventilation functions. Only expensive materials are used in the interior: premium leather, wood veneer and flexible plastic.
Convenient control
Leather upholstery
Perfectly smooth seams
Hongqi H9
Hongqi H9 Specifications