Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 600 km
- 6.2 sec.
- 84.8 kWh
- 313 hp
- N/A
from 53 000$
ranked second in the world in car sales in 2021, and in order not to lose momentum, in the growing competition of electric cars, the company is producing its own version of the electric car. The FAW-VW joint venture in the north will produce the Volkswagen ID.6 Crozz, while the southern SAIC-VW joint venture will produce the Volkswagen ID.6 X crossover. This division of labor has already been practiced on the ID.4 model for China. The two versions of the same car differ mainly in design: they have different bumpers, headlights, taillights and décor. But in general it is the same car. In terms of size, the ID.6 is comparable to the Touareg.
Steering wheel heating
Car Wi-Fi
Main HD display
Battery type - triple lithium
Type of fuel - electric
Battery capacity, kWh - 84.8
Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec - 6.2
Maximum speed, km/h - 160
Special features
The two versions of the same car differ mainly in design: they have different bumpers, headlights, taillights and decor. But in general it is one and the same car. In dimensions the ID.6 is comparable to Touareg: length - 4891 mm, width - 1852 mm, height - 1679 mm. And the wheelbase is even longer: 2965 mm vs. 2904 mm. But the proportions of the electric car are certainly different, and it can't boast of any "offroad" clearance. There is a choice of wheels with a diameter of 19 to 21 inches. The models ID.6 Crozz and ID.6 X have different shape of the front panel and air deflectors, but in general they have not just identical interiors - they are made according to the same moldings and from the same components as younger ID-models. There are almost no physical buttons, and all the secondary functions are controlled by a 12-inch touchscreen media system. A projection screen is available for an extra charge.
Length, mm - 4891
Width, mm - 1848
Height, mm - 1679
Number of seats / doors: 6 / 5
All wheel drive
Wheelbase - 2965 mm
Tire size - 215 / 55 R17
The MEB platform is the same as that of other ID-electric cars - with McPherson struts in the front and a multi-lever at the rear, and the rear wheels have drum brakes. You can order adaptive suspension DCC, and among the options is adaptive cruise control Travel Assist with lane-keeping function. There is a choice of two rear-wheel drive modifications with 180 or 204 hp engine, and also 4Motion top version with two engines with total efficiency of 305 hp.
On the front panel there is a 12.3-inch dash screen and a 15.6-inch vertical tablet of the media system. The multimedia itself has a new in-house developed Xmart OS 3.0 shell, which supports over-the-air updates. The seats are also upholstered in nappa leather and the front seats are electrically driven.
Loyal companion
Comfortable and spacious seating, bright and stylish design, good assembly without creaks. Mechanical air and touch temperature control. Control display I good color rendering like an iPhone. There is a voice assistant. Wireless charging for the phone. Two-engine four-wheel drive (in PRIME). Motor in the front: asynchronous AC motor, and in the back: permanent magnet synchronous motor (in PRIME). Maximum drive motor output torque (N-m) 162/310.
Convenient niches and cup holders. Dynamic black roof (in PRIME), as well as stylish, gloss black trim (with side chrome trim) (in PRIME).
There are also LED taillights and LED daytime running lights. Enhanced ACC 3.0 adaptive cruise control system (with after-stop function).
Stylish and concise interior
Bright interior in eco-friendly upholstery and leather, with mood lighting, great visibility thanks to the panoramic roof. Roomy and robust, ideal for our roads and travels.
Panoramic view
Eco upholstery
Massive doors
ID6 Features