Li L7

from 68 500$
Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 1100 km
- 5.3 sec.
- 42.8 kWh
- 450 hp
- 65 L
For everyone
The electric car features Star ring headlights with effective illumination, as well as intelligent adaptive LED headlights for safe driving in the dark. In the Max configuration, the lidar is located on the roof of the electric car. This reduces the risk of damaging it in an accident situation.
You can stow the second-row seats forward to turn them into a very large 1.5 × 2.4-meter double bed, allowing you to take a peaceful nap when you're tired.
The car has a two-layer windshield with athermal properties, there is climate control for three zones. The electric car is offered in three versions: Air, Pro and Max.
Thanks to the latest SS Max multimedia system, three-dimensional spatial interaction with the car is available through voice, gestures and touch.

Smart solutions are everywhere

For your warm family gatherings
Give space the gift of infinite imagination
Give your space endless imagination
With the smart Li L7, any trip can be transformed into an exciting and fun journey. You can take advantage of gameplay, immerse yourself in a fantasy world with augmented reality glasses, enjoy watching a captivating movie or listening to an audiobook, or put on a show with microphones that will bring real excitement to the little passengers.


The model communicates with a mobile app so that you can always pre-set the desired temperature and prepare the electric car for the trip. The smart SUV is equipped with an advanced intelligent driving and driver assistance system, emergency braking function and parking assistance system. To ensure greater safety while driving at night, the vehicle is equipped with a round headlamp with improved lighting effects and adaptive LED headlights.
Comfortable speed
Niche under the center console
King of the Road
All-wheel drive provides comfortable driving and resilience on the road
Miniature recess for personal items under the center console with charging ports
Acceleration in 5.3 seconds to 100 km/h. Top speed 180 km/h
LI L7 Specifications