Lotus Eletre

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 600 km
- 4.5 sec.
- 112 kWh
- 603 hp
- N/A
from 137 000 $
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Lotus Eletre Review
Engineering centers in England, China, and Germany worked on the parketta. The experience of the Swedish-Chinese brand Polestar, which is also part of the Geely empire, also came in handy. And here we have a Lotus Eletre ready for production, which the company positions as Hyper-SUV, that is hypercrossover. It seems to have forgotten all precepts of company's founder Colin Chapman that cars Lotus should be simple and light. The Eletre is the first Lotus with a five-door body.
There are cameras instead of side mirrors, although they will only be offered in those markets where they are allowed. The rest will get regular mirrors. All the optics are LED, the taillights can show the scale of the traction battery while parked. The maximum diameter of the wheels is 23 inches, and the optional glass roof is without an opening section.
The power structure of the body is made of high-strength steel and aluminum, while the exterior panels are aluminum and carbon fiber. The crossover was designed by in-house designer Ben Payne, but the project was overseen by the acclaimed Peter Horbury, who last year left his post as vice president of design at Geely to join Britain's Lotus. According to him, the silhouette with the interior pushed forward is a signature feature of the company's mid-engine sports cars.
The Lotus Eletre has an advanced active aerodynamics system. The movable spoiler at the rear (there are three positions with different angles of attack) is only half of the job. The air intake in the lower part of the front bumper has active flaps in the form of triangular honeycombs, which open only when necessary, directing air to the brakes and radiators of the traction battery cooling system and electric motors
Leather and wood trim, panoramic sunroof
Comfortable interior
Cars with a second row of seats have already been in the history of the company. It is a very large car, comparable in size to the Lamborghini Urus crossover. The length is 5103 mm, the height is 1630 mm, and the width exceeds two meters. Between the axles here is 3019 mm. But if the petrol Urus draws 2200 kg, the new electric Lotus is declared to have a curb weight of 1995 kg! Strangely enough, Colin Chapman's principles have found a use here as well.
34 lidar, sensor and sensor
Wheelbase 3019 mm
Charge indicator and 112kWh
For traveling
Double glass, doors with door closer. Large trunk, panoramic roof with smart glass (changes transparency), Front seats are equipped with massage and ventilation function. Fast, 2.9 acceleration to 100. Juicy central control screen
Wireless charging
Projector on the windshield
Autopilot and auto-parking
Premium Salon
The Lotus Eletre can have four or five seats: in the first case, there are split seats with a massive central armrest in the back and a nine-inch screen built into it. For the upholstery of the seats used expensive fabric Kvadrat with an admixture of wool, and the trim is dominated by plastic, made from recycled materials, and carbon fiber. Instead of the usual instruments in front of the driver there is a screen with a height of only 30 mm, which displays the most basic information. The passenger has the same auxiliary display. For everything else, there is a standard projection display with augmented reality and a central OLED-screen media system with a diagonal of 15.1 inches. Lotus cars have never been so media-advanced: there's Internet access and voice control, and much more. There are two KEF audio systems to choose from: the basic one has 15 speakers and 1380 watts of power, and the advanced one has 23 speakers and 2160 watts.
Lotus Eletre
Specifications of Lotus Eletre