The dashboard is powered by the Snapdragon 8295 processor, which means it supports gaming functionality. The capabilities of the inbuilt chips are even enough to build 3D images, not only for gaming, but also for navigation. The concept is a four-seater for now. Perhaps, in the serial version, engineers will replace the rear row of seats with a more familiar sofa.

Officially, the manufacturers have revealed only the range of the ROBO-01: it is an impressive 725 kilometres. Much more detailed engineers told about the drone option in the concept. Recall, initially the model was positioned as a robo-taxi.

"Smart" electric car received the most advanced driver assistance system. It meets the startup's concept of the unity of "human-vehicle-environment". The voice-activated AI responds to commands in milliseconds, so the assistant's communication with the driver is as fast as possible. The car is equipped with a whole system of 31 sensors, including LiDAR, 12 cameras, and two radars (millimetre and ultrasonic).
At the ROBODAY event on 8 June, startup Jidu Auto showed a concept of its robot supercar for the first time. The electric Jidu ROBO-01, a product of a collaboration between Baidu and Geely, features futuristic shapes and inbuilt artificial intelligence. The sporty styling in the body design allows the car to achieve an excellent level of aerodynamics. Smooth lines are complemented by an elongated bonnet and "piled" pillars. LED Y-shaped optics complements the "predatory" look of the electric car. At the top there is a sloping panoramic roof.

Another notable feature of Jidu ROBO-01 2022 is the original doors. The front doors are raised when opening ("gull wing"), and the rear doors open against the move. In the interior, the main emphasis is on the folding square steering wheel and the multimedia control display stretched in width.
An AI electric vehicle from

Baidu Jidu ROBO-01

The developers of Jidu promise that the production version of the electric car will appear in autumn 2022. The finished electric car will differ from the concept car minimally. Engineers promise to keep 90% of the elements. The debut of Jidu ROBO-01 2022 will be held at the Guangzhou Motor Show.
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