The BYD HAN EV flagship electric sedan is already winning over those who prefer to switch from traditional diesels to premium cars. BYD has finished innovating its range of cars and now their design is all in the same Dragon Face style. Today, the BYD Han sedan has become a recognisable image model, the largest and most popular in the passenger car range.

The name HAN reads "Han". The manufacturers decided to immortalise the memory of the dynasty that ruled from 206 BC to 220 AD, which served as an excellent example for all subsequent rulers of China.

This moment shows the essence of the BYD Han electric sedan in the best possible way - it has become a model in the mid-price range, where an impressive set of options, speed, safety, convenience and exclusivity are combined in one car.

The Han can be bought in two variants:
- All-electric.
- Hybrid.

In the EV-version there are all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive copies, in fact, each buyer can choose an electric sedan "for himself". But in any version, the car makes a lasting impression already at the first acquaintance with it!
What is known about the electric car from BYD?
The BYD Han is in many ways larger than the Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6 and features all-diode lighting.

Tempting parameters:
 Length - 4980 mm.
 Width - 1910 mm.
 Height - 1495 mm.

BYD Han has retractable door handles, and a special pride of manufacturers - an outstanding coefficient of aerodynamic resistance Cx - only 0.233. Only the Mercedes CLA (0.23) and BMW have similar figures for comparison.
Notable technical data
Buyers have a lot to choose from, these are three electric versions of the Han:

- "Base" - one electric motor on the front axle (222 hp, 330 Nm) and a 65 kW∙h battery. Can pass on a single charge 506 kilometres (according to the NEDC cycle) or realistically up to 350 km.

- "Supplement" - sedan with 77 kWh battery should travel 605 kilometres (NEDC).

- "All-wheel drive" - the rear axle has a motor with 272 hp and 350 Nm, the front axle has an electric motor with 222 hp, 330 Nm. Peak
up to 494bhp with a KM of 680Nm. With a 77 kWh battery, the electric sedan travels up to 550 km, and the acceleration rate to a hundred in 3.9 sec.
The basis of BYD Han is its own platform with McPherson struts plus front and rear multi-lever suspension. Smooth, safe and reliable braking in any road conditions is guaranteed by brakes from Brembo company.
The car is fitted with 19-inch wheels with 245/45/19 tyres.
"Flaming Motor."

A definite plus is the lithium-iron-phosphate traction battery, which is located under the floor and does not take up the interior space of the car. It is traditionally of its own manufacture, BYD being one of the leaders in battery creation. There are two Chinese GB/T format ports on board, for fast and slow charging.
The battery on the BYD Han has a very important advantage - it can safely charge up to 100% without compromising durability, with a lifetime battery warranty. If you use a fast charger, you can replenish the charge from 30 to 80% in just 25 mins.

Exterior and interior

Leading European specialists were responsible for the "appearance" and interior elements of the BYD Han. The electric car stands out favourably even in the stream of premium-class cars with bold body lines, intertwined front LED-optics and imitation grille overlay. The bumper with "predatory fangs", smoothly combines with the headlights, and in the "profile" you can clearly see the rib that goes to the retractable handles.
Behind the long bonnet in the longitudinal position, a V-shaped motor is expectedly hidden. Sporty bumper, diffuser remind the petrol version of the sedan, and it will definitely appeal to those drivers who prefer solidity and volume of classics of business class cars.

A 15.6-inch multimedia screen stands out clearly on the front panel, and if necessary, it can be rotated to a position that will be convenient for the driver. The dashboard is also digital with three design options and a 12-inch diagonal.
The manufacturers specifically point out the exclusivity and quality of the interior trim. In the interior only aluminium, wood and high-quality leather NAPPA.

All seats are equipped with heating and ventilation functions, so the electric sedan will be comfortable in any weather. Among premium "pluses" - atmospheric illumination of interior and panoramic roof. On the centre armrest there is a display with which you can control the climate zone, sliding roof, seat settings, lighting and entertainment unit. The rear sofa has its own individual adjustments.
Video systems

In BYD Han there is no blocking of the demonstration of clips when driving, the video player function is represented by the recognisable MP4 standard. "Multimedia" is compatible with Android, so you can install any applications at will, there is a 20 GB hard drive for storing media files, and due to the flash drive it can be significantly expanded.

Also for the convenience of the owner of the electric sedan, there are two wireless chargers for a smartphone, an additional internal camera, a video recorder, a microphone-karaoke. As well as an advanced Di-Pilot cruise control system to help with driving.


BYD has abandoned petrol cars and updated the Han sedan. Consumers are now encouraged to switch to the latest, safe, powerful, good-looking electric cars that have lost none of the driving performance and appeal of swapping petrol for battery power.
> 41 500 $