BYD Qin Plus

BYD Qin Plus is a medium-sized sedan available in two versions (electric and hybrid). In the hybrid, the front end is crowned by a hexagonal, honeycomb radiator grille, while the electric car's "face" is completely covered with plastic.

Practicality and minimalism
High-strength steel body, suspensions are fully independent, disc brakes are located on all wheels. Inside, BYD Qin Plus is without special frills, glitz and luxury, but very practical, comfortable and equipped with the most necessary technical attributes. In the centre of the front console there is a touchscreen media centre (sizes from 10.1 or 12.8 inches). With the help of a button on the steering wheel, the driver can adapt its rotation to himself in a horizontal or vertical position.
Sedan dimensions:
 Length - 4.7 mm.
 Width - 1.8 m.
 Height - 1.5 m.
 Centre-to-centre clearance - 2.7 m.
 Ground clearance - 12.5 cm.
 The 4-door "base" has: 6 airbags, LED optics, media centre with 10.1-inch screen, 4 speakers audio system, two zones of climate control, ABS, ESP, electrically driven sunroof, 16-inch alloy wheels, rear view camera, etc.
 The "top" has: 17-inch wheels, cruise control, panoramic sunroof, blind spot monitoring, media system with 12.8-inch touchscreen, 6 speakers of music, leather interior, heated seats, etc.

BYD Qin Plus has enough space to sit comfortably in the cabin, the sedan has a 5-seater layout. For the driver and passenger in the front there are sports-type seats with pronounced side profiles, comfortable headrests and good manoeuvrability of adjustments.
Behind a voluminous and comfortable sofa, armrests are equipped with cupholders, that is indispensable at long journeys. There is also seat heating, ventilation deflectors and USB-connectors.

The boot is relatively capacious, well finished with material, if necessary to transport more cargoes it is possible to fold backrest of a back row. In a niche under the raised floor there is an organiser with a tyre repair kit, charger and other small things necessary for a motorist.
There are also two of them, each powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine (110bhp, 135Nm). The petrol turbo engine more often acts as a generator to recharge the battery, but can be connected to the wheels with the help of an electromechanical variator E-CVT.

The synchronous electric motor in the "hybrid" is 179 hp and 316 Nm, connected to an 8.32 kWh battery. For more powerful variations there is an electric motor with 197 hp and 325 Nm, with a battery capacity of 18.32 kWh.

By default, the BYD Qin Plus DM-i has a 48-litre tank with a fuel consumption of 3.8 l/100 km in the combined cycle. The electric sedan is capable of travelling from 55 to 120 km, it all depends on the version. The top speed is limited by the in-built unit - up to 160 km/h, acceleration to a hundred in 7.9 sec.
BYD Qin Plus DM- i hybrid version
The electric-powered sedan also has two versions:
- "Base" at 136 hp and 180 Nm;
- "Top" with 184bhp and 280Nm.
The battery on both versions of the electric sedan is lithium-iron-phosphate, with the 135 hp unit having a capacity of 47.5 or 57 kWh, and with the 184 hp unit having a capacity of 71.7 kWh. The battery reaches full charge only in 8 hours (from a regular socket), but at a special recharging station the time goes faster - from 30 min. to 1.5-3 hours.
Maximum both versions can accelerate only to a limited 160 km\h, the acceleration rate from zero to 50 km, 4-5.5 sec. depending on the battery capacity, the sedan can overcome from 500 to 630 km, although in the top version this figure in the manual is designated as 720 km.


Any version of the BYD Qin Plus is a great option for its money. On the plus side, it has a good range, a lot of inbuilt assistants that make travelling easier for the driver, especially over long distances. A nice, comfortable interior allows you to travel as a family with maximum comfort.
> 41 500 $