The electric 2021 GMC Hummer EV

In the United States, an absentee confrontation between electric pickup truck manufacturers continues to unfold, formally kicked off by the Tesla Cybertruck show. This small-looking truck, which is to go on sale in autumn 2021, will have to withstand huge competition, because several companies have announced their claims to leadership in the new class. And if the small Michigan Rivan and other enthusiasts in the person of Havelaar and Workhorse initially do not have to count on huge sales figures, but for the giant General Motors such a task can be done, because its achievements in the e-truck segment will be represented by the legendary Hummer!
The electric GMC Hummer EV for the 2021 model year was built practically from scratch, but there's a sense of pedigree in its rather modern design that hints at the truck's outstanding driving characteristics.

The underpinnings are extremely promising: fully independent suspension, a fully steerable chassis where the wheels can turn in unison, forcing the pickup to move diagonally, and adaptive dampers that can add up to 149 extra millimetres to the vehicle's ground clearance thanks to pneumatics.
The huge wheelbase of the new electric GMC Hummer EV 2021, short bumper overhangs and 35-37-inch wheels make it easy to hit 460 mm high obstacles. The developers have also taken care of overcoming water obstacles, including steel and hydraulic protection of the traction battery, which allows driving through a ford 600 mm deep.
The exterior of this brutal four-door electric pickup truck Hammer EV 2021 model year reminds of the famous military off-roaders, although many elements of the body give away the modern electric car.

Stylish diode lighting, almost absent radiator grille, abolished exhaust system - but even in such conditions GMC Hummer EV looks a real conqueror of off-road thanks to huge wheels and possibility to remove the roof, making the car even more similar to a classic army truck. At the same time, the hard top elements are conveniently hidden in the boot and the rear window can be fully lowered.
Inside, the 2021 GMC Hummer EV also offers the famous angular design, but the interior of the electric pickup is more spacious due to the flat floor.
The superstructure of the central tunnel here can be considered a practical "boutaforia", but on the front panel reigns high-tech, because there is a huge 12.3-inch virtual dashboard, 13.4-inch touchscreen, and dotted with buttons multirole.
In the most expensive equipment the pickup gets 18 cameras of all-round review, some of which look under the bottom to estimate relief. Of course, these cameras have reinforced lenses and washers.

General Motors plans to produce four modifications of the Hummer electric pickup truck. "Top" will be called EV Edition One, and the number of motors in it will reach three. The total power of the units - 1014 hp, which will provide acceleration to 97 km/h in 3 seconds.
The simpler modification is a three-engine Hummer EV3X with an output of 811 hp, the next one is a two-engine EV2X with an output of 634 hp, and one more version, it is the basic one, although it will be released later than the others - a two-engine Hummer EV2 with an output of 634 hp with a conventional spring suspension.
All kits will come with a special 800-volt battery charger. It is reported that it will be possible to use it autonomously to get a charge sufficient to cover 160 kilometres in just 10 minutes.
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