Hongqi E-HS9

Chinese Hongqi cars are confidently conquering the global market and are ready to squeeze out the most recognisable brands from the premium segment. The first sales have already started at the end of last year and buyers appreciated the luxury and presentability of Hongqi, which means "Red Flag".

The brand is a part of the state concern FAW (First Automotive Works), where the first Chinese cars were produced. The debut of the very first model CA72, a luxury sedan in the American style, took place in 1958 and was intended only for the first persons of the state.
For many years hongqi car was in China what ZIL was in the USSR. From the early 90s to the mid-2000s hongqi produced a slightly modified Audi 100 and Lincoln Town Car, and about ten years ago the brand underwent a "reboot".
The debut of the L7 limousine, repeating the classics CA72 and CA770, took place. Also, FAW management created a line of luxury models available to the general consumer. Currently Hongqi has conquered the UAE, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vietnam.
Despite its age Hongqi is in the stage of active development and constantly surprises with various novelties and sales increasing every year - from 26 thousand cars in 2018 to more than 300 thousand in 2021!
Electrical nature of the E-HS9
The E-HS9 has been quietly displaced by the luxurious and honoured brands, and all this is thanks to its exoticism, which is so popular with consumers. Having such an electric car in your personal garage is already considered as a wow-effect, but besides that, E-HS9 is able to attract with its exclusive "stuffing".
Tempting parameters of the E-HS9:
 Length - 5209 mm.
 Width - 2010 mm.
 Height - 1731 mm.

This "big guy", which consumes clean energy, looks like an exclusive SUV in an optional two-colour design. Only the details give away its identity as an electric car:
 Hatch located in the front left wing with a hidden auxiliary charging connector.
 Charge level indicators concealed on the pillars behind the rear doors.
Otherwise, the crossover does not differ from its petrol counterparts, there are even decorative inserts reminiscent of false exhaust pipes.
The interior of E-HS9 can hardly be called graceful, rather it is monumental, thorough, and devices in it, as in a large electronics shop. The main "pluses":
 Multimedia display.
 Instrument panel.
 Climate control unit.
 Three screens, one for the passenger in front, two in the rear.
 Touchscreen "climate" between the rear seats.
 Digital rear-view mirror (camera picture), etc.

A large plastic overlay on top of the steering column with a pair of system "eyes" that constantly monitor the driver's condition. This is an additional safety element. Seats with standard settings and 3 programme massage function.
Materials of interior trim are mixed, natural leather with stitching, alcantara on posts with a ceiling. The interior does not look too expensive, but it is presentable and by tactile sensations is not bad.
The second row is spacious, here E-HS9 is 10 cm ahead of the new Lexus LX, and wheelbase is 26 cm. Two rear seats with an ottoman, electric drive, but with an insignificant angle of reclining and with a rising footrest, not designed in length for a very tall passenger. It is noteworthy that E-HS9 is also available in another modification, with a practical three-seat second row, three rows of seats, where the number of seats increases to seven.
Such an electric "toy" weighing 2.6 tonnes gains the first hundred kilometres in just 5-6.5 seconds, it all depends on the level of charge and modification. Two electric motors work on both axles, on the front unit with a capacity of 217.5 hp at 300 Nm, on the rear - similar or 333-horsepower (450 Nm). Overall, the electric crossover produces 435 or 551bhp at 600 or 750Nm of torque.

The E-HS9 is a purebred electric car with 435 or 551 hp, with battery capacities of 84, 99, 120 kWh, which equates to a range of 460 to 690 kilometres. By the way, the 2022 model is sold with a 120 kWh battery, which according to technical specifications should be enough for 660-690 km.
The Hongqi E-HS9 is not the most replicated electric car, but few can match it in terms of effects. This is an expensive, exclusive "toy", perhaps the coolest car that will take an honourable place
> 41 500 $