Leading Ideal

The large, full-size, all-wheel drive, six-seat electric vehicle Leading Ideal L9 is steadily conquering the world's car markets.

It is a completely new, powerful, expensive and large crossover, at the sight of which immediately there is an association with a rare and large animal, plastic, mysterious, self-confident, standing apart from its kind.

It has no analogues and immediately wins the hearts of electric car enthusiasts who appreciate comfort and safety on the roads.


The Lixiang L9 or Li L9 perfectly combines modern consumer demands and the future of the automotive industry. It is a pronounced balance of austerity, gallantry, electricity, power and comfort.

A typical exclusive is a narrow LED two-metre strip crossing the Li L9 bonnet from edge to edge. The main optics is hidden in the bumper niches, and along the bottom of the bumper there is a neat black grille insert with thin partitions. It does not give massiveness to the car, but only embellishes it, cleverly completing the "face" of the crossover.

Another feature of the Leading Ideal L9 is a peculiar "hump" above the windscreen, where a LIDAR (lidar) equipped with 128 laser beams is placed. It is closely linked to the autopilot, which has 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 single-millimetre radars and 12 8MP (Megapixel) cameras, which together add even more pluses to the crossover's karma.
Exterior of Lixiang l9
Overall Dimensions:

 Length - 5218 mm.
 Width - 1998 mm.
 Height - 1.8 m.
 Weight - 2520 kg.

Elegant silhouette, laconic design, stamping in the centre of the doors and restrained, a little ordinary rear part of the car, all this is supplemented by a small spoiler and a single LED-strip running along the entire length instead of the rear paired lights.

Important to know! In fact, the Leading Ideal L9 is a hybrid, as it has a petrol motor that acts as a generator. But the actual Li L9 is positioned as an electric car as the driving force is the electric motors.
Interior of the six-seater crossover
There is a lot of space in it, you can realise it at once, just look inside the electric car. In terms of comfort Li L9 is comparable to Toyota Alphard, plus it is equipped with a pair of 12-volt sockets, 6 Type-C ports and another standard 220-volt socket.

The interior is completely new, the manufacturers decided to move away from the standards of electric cars and break the usual facts about them. There is no big instrument screen, instead a small display is built directly into the steering wheel (Mini-LED and multi-touch technology), where the driver sees data on mileage, speed, energy consumption. But for better visualisation, the parameters are duplicated on a large projection screen, which is located in front of the front passenger's gaze. It is additionally responsible for the whole audio system of the car (Dirac company with 21 speakers for 2160 watts).
The second touchscreen, with a diagonal of 15.7 inches, is located closer to the driver and is responsible for climate control, basic settings, and navigation.
The Lixiang L9 is designed entirely for passenger comfort, with large families also appreciating the interior comfort of the electric car. Three rows of seats, 6 seats in total, are heated with fully electric controls and upholstered in premium nappa leather. For the driver and front passenger there are personal privileges in the form of a massager and ventilation, while second row passengers can stretch their legs comfortably and place them on retractable footrests. Rear passengers have their own "pluses" - a refrigerator, folding tables, and a 15.7-inch ceiling monitor.
Technical specifications
"The Leading Ideal L9 hybrid has a 4-cylinder 1.5 engine under the bonnet, which charges the traction battery (tank capacity 65 litres) and operates according to the Miller economy cycle. Total output is 449 hp and 620 Nm, acceleration to "hundred" in 5.3 sec. On the front axle there are electric motors for 177 hp and on the rear 272 hp.

According to the data sheet, the full battery charge is 44.5 kWh (triple lithium battery), which (according to CLTC) should be enough to cover 215 km. The maximum that the Li L9 can go without refuelling is 1315 km.

The crossover is fitted with 265/45 R21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres and 21 - inch two-tone rims with 265/45 R21 quiet tyres.
The front power system of an electric vehicle:
- Generator.
- Drive motor.
- Gearbox.
- Dual motor controller.

The rear system has:
- Gearbox.
- Controller.
- Drive motor.

Lixiang L9 is equipped with adaptive German Weibak air suspension with stiffness adjustment. Double wishbones at the front and multi-lever at the rear.
Interesting data:
- Two electric motors 130 kW and 200 kW (total 449 hp). 1.5T L4 petrol generator. Total KM 620 N-m.

- Ground clearance of the Leading Ideal L9 is 176 mm, but with the help of integrated air springs the chassis can be raised by another 40 mm. In parking mode, the car will lower to 136 mm.

- The rear refrigerator works on cold and heat (range from 0 to - 50C), the volume of the refrigerator is 9 litres, the compressor is energy-saving and consumes little energy. It is able to work even when the car is parked.

- 24GB of RAM and 256GB of high-speed storage.

- "Iskin (AI) is able to maintain dialogue freely.

- Keyless door access and keyless start.

- Very convenient luggage loading function, Li L9 can lower by 50mm if required, plus the ability to fold down the 3rd row of seats with a single button (hands free function).
Leading Ideal L9 is an exclusive build and quality of materials. Soft interior upholstery (nappa leather), pleasant, comfortable seats, perfect sound and pneumatic. Travelling on such an SUV is true bliss, and "live" electric car looks so spectacular that it outshines all previously known electric cars. Undoubtedly, the owner of Li L9 will always be in the centre of attention!
> 41 500 $