New Mercedes-Benz EQG

In theory, this will bring the off-road qualities of the G-Class to a new level, because software algorithms can simulate the locking of all three differentials, and realise the supply of traction only to the wheels where it is needed at the moment. Even some off-road mode with imitation of a usual reduction gear is promised. On a dry surface electric G-class should take 100 per cent lift without problems. Alas, that's all we have to say about technology so far. But the concept offers us to estimate how the future serial car will look like. In general, it is the same G-class, but with some elements of design from passenger EQ-models. For example, instead of a radiator grille there is a plug with a luminous imitation. The shape of bumpers is also changed, 22-inch diameter wheels are installed, and instead of the spare wheel box on the stern there is a rectangular lockable box, where you can store, for example, a charging cable. Illumination has been worked out separately: diode strips are built into side mouldings, mirror housings and roof rack. So far, Daimler has not announced the debut date of the production model. Apparently, the finalisation of the car is delayed, i.e. the fully finished Mercedes-Benz EQG will see the light only in a year or two.

Last summer, Daimler unveiled the electrification programme for the model range, and even the traditional Gelendwagen will not escape this fate. The development of the battery version of the G-Class began immediately after the debut of the new-generation model in 2018, but the process is not yet complete. Still, a Mercedes-Benz EQG concept has been prepared for the IAA exhibition in Munich, which is as close as possible to the future production car. Details are still few, but the basic concept is clear. "Electrogelic" will keep the frame structure and even the chassis with independent front suspension and uncut rear axle. But the frame here is new (a traction battery is installed between the spars), and the suspension itself is designed anew, because the EQG will have four electric motors (one for each wheel) with individual control!

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