Voyah Free

The Chinese Voyah Free electric car is an unrivalled 694 hp chic with an 88 kWh battery and a range of 475 kilometres. The Voyah Free is perfectly and harmoniously integrated into environmental standards and fulfils all the requirements of modern living.

The electric car is capable of satisfying the demands of the most demanding customer, its movements are smooth, quiet, with maximum comfort and safety.

Permanent all-wheel drive, height-adjustable air suspension (ground clearance is adjustable from 163 mm to 180 mm) allows not to be distracted by the roadway, and fully enjoy the journey. This is further enhanced by the large panoramic roof with adjustable electrochromatic dimming.

Китайский электромобиль Voyah Free

The Voyah Free is 4.905m long, 1.95m wide, 1.67m high and has a kerb weight of 2,330kg. Standard equipment of the Voyah Free includes a Dynaudio audio system, a full set of "Iskin" (intelligent assistant) driver. It includes night vision devices, adaptive cruise control, multi-screen with lift function, etc. innovations that automatically turn a simple electric car into a real "travelling super-gadget".
Exterior of VOYAH FREE
The interior is luxuriously finished and relatively spacious, although there is no third row of seats, it can easily accommodate five adults and bulky luggage. Materials are artificial, but they look expensive and rich. Any trifle is provided, up to ventilation of seats and massage. And three screens on a torpedo, a number of attractive buttons, allows to feel behind a wheel of the newest variation of means of transport.

The first test drive will show how well thought-out is not only comfort, but also speed and range. At 100 km/h, without climate control, the Voyah 2022 electric car consumes only 21 kWh per 100 km. On a full charge you can drive at least 420 kilometres, and at the stated technical specifications of 475 kilometres - the speed should be slightly reduced (70-80 km / h).

The acceleration speed of the electric car from zero to a hundred is 3.5 seconds, but at low level of charge (less than 50%) this figure increases to 4 seconds and gradually increases with battery discharge.
Appearance and technical characteristics put this full-size crossover on a par with purebred sports coupes. The voluminous grille hints that the platform was originally conceived as a hybrid, but it was not removed in the electric version, and just muffled the gaps.

In general, the appearance of the Voyah Free electric car will not leave indifferent anyone, even the most picky aesthete. This model really looks presentable, powerful and beautiful!
> 41 500 $