Volkswagen ID.4

"Four" from Volkswagen is the second version of an electric vehicle from the ID sub-brand. The Volkswagen ID.4 crossover is built on a similar MEV (electric modular) platform that formed the basis of the first "three" earlier. In fact, the electric car has now become the most sought-after of the series from Volkswagen, is produced in China, Germany, the United States and is planned to be sold in the largest car markets in the world.

Volkswagen ID.4 has moved away from the standards of crossovers, adopted in the creation of cars with internal combustion engine. It "lost" brutality, but became impetuous, softer and less aggressive, but this does not mean that it ceased to impress with its appearance. As expected, the "four" is designed in the style of the ID.3 model, and the European version mirrors the ID.4 Crozz for the Chinese market. What catches the eye immediately - the absence of a large radiator grille, it is replaced by a thin strip of decoration going from one LED headlamp to another.

Pilot models in the United States instantly "sold out" within a few hours, this is due to the relatively affordable price of the new electric crossover.
What makes the VW ID4 electric crossover so exciting
Interior of the VW ID4
The interior in the Volkswagen ID.4 is rather ascetic, there are no protruding familiar buttons as in petrol brethren, all controls are touch screen, including those on the steering wheel and around it. Except for the emergency brake and the windows. Since there is no need in centre consoles and massive front panel, the interior of the electric crossover is spacious.

The instrument display (5.3 inches) with good informative stuffing is installed on the right end. On the peculiar "outgrowth" there is a rotary knob, with the help of which the transmission mode is switched. Instead of the "base" Discover Pro media system with a 10-inch screen and voice control, the Discover Pro Max with a 12-inch touchscreen can be ordered individually.

Thanks to the MEV platform, there is no massive centre tunnel on the crossover, so second-row passengers can get comfortable. On the top versions of Volkswagen ID.4 front seats are equipped with pneumatic sections, massager, upholstery "combi", made of synthetic leather and microfibre.
The flexible, adaptive ID.Light contoured suspension can easily change the colours (30 variations) of the individual elements. At the base of the windscreen there is an "interactive" light strip that changes in response to the audio system settings or the traffic situation. In addition, the Volkswagen ID.4 has other electronic aids, such as Travel Assist, a complex that includes adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition and other road safety systems.

Parameters of the electric car:
- Length - 4584 mm.
- Width - 1852 mm.
- Height - 1612 mm.
- Wheelbase - 2766 mm.
In fact, Volkswagen ID.4 has overtaken the familiar Tiguan by 102 mm in length and 13 mm in width. Thanks to the rear-wheel drive the crossover was able to equip the steering, now it has a greater angle of rotation of wheels and on this parameter is equal to golf-class cars.
The volume of the boot is 543 litres, if necessary it is possible to transport and more large cargo, if to fold two rear seats, then the boot increases almost in 3 times (up to 1575 litres).

For consumers ID.4 is offered with mono-wheel drive and all-wheel drive version. In the modification 4*2 driving rear pair of wheels, it presents 3 engine variants:
- A - 148 hp, KM 220 Nm.
- B - 175 hp and KM 310 Nm.
- C - 204 hp and 310 Nm.

The first two versions have a 55 kWh battery with a range of 360 kilometres. The top version has a 77 kWh battery with a 520 km range.
The all-wheel drive version is planned to be equipped with two electric motors (on one axle), in the expensive GTX version the power of the motors will be 262 hp with a battery capacity of 77 kWh. The suspension is multi-lever at the rear, and "McPherson" at the front.

Built-in speed limiter does not allow VW ID4 to accelerate over 160 km/h.
The electric car can be charged up to 80% in 35-40 minutes. The battery has a cooler or heater, it all depends on the conditions, time of year when the car is used.

There are two ports, for fast and slow charging.

Volkswagen ID.4 has a good aerodynamics (drag coefficient 0.28), which equates to a high level of aerodynamic efficiency.

Volkswagen ID.4 - perfectly combines, versatility, practicality, comfort and is designed for long journeys. It is the driving characteristics of the ID.4 that impress owners of not only petrol cars, but also many electric cars. Driving the VW ID4 turns into a playful adventure and gives the driver the real pleasure of owning an electric crossover.
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