Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 930 km
- 3.9 sec.
- 150 kWh
- 653 hp
- N/A
from 93 000 $


Features of the NIO ES7
A modern electric SUV equipped with dual-beam LED headlights. The unusual design is expressed by the combination of the balanced profile, outlined by pronounced lines on the hood, and smooth curves. The signature detail of the car is the "shark" nose, which makes the model unlike other SUVs and makes it stand out noticeably on the road. The model includes smart doors, and laminated acoustic glass provides reliable noise isolation. Feel the peace and quiet when you need it, and trust the car to protect your inner world.
Length, mm - 4912
Width, mm - 1987
Height, mm - 1720
Number of doors 5
Number of seats 5
Wheelbase - 2960 mm Tire size - 265 / 45 R21
The nurturing Nio es7 will serve you as a reliable cocoon against external annoyances. The model also does not deprive passengers of the opportunity to enjoy every journey. Thanks to the panoramic sunroof, the viewing angle is wider, making the trip an enjoyable and entertaining experience. The digital cockpit includes a 12.8-inch display with ultra-high contrast and a wide color gamut. The smart voice assistant system is now able to understand your desires with simple gestures and glances, making your interaction with the vehicle simple and engaging.
Mass - 2400 kg
Trunk volume - 658 l
Battery type - solid state
Type of fuel - electric
Battery capacity, kWh - 150
Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec - 3.9
Maximum speed, km/h - 200
Electric crossover
Extra-large trunk with a maximum capacity of 658 liters, able to hold everything you need for long-distance travel. The model supports discharging up to 3.3 kW for the use of electrical appliances and a minibar. It is also compatible with augmented and virtual reality devices, helping you immerse yourself in a new world without leaving the car.
With a smart house on wheels you can use the trailer mode and go with the whole family or friends in the countryside and in the mountains.
Spacious interior
The soft, diffused interior lighting creates a relaxed, homely atmosphere. A spacious area around each seat ensures the comfort of all passengers. The interior includes an adjustment function for all seats to suit individual requirements. The front row is equipped with heating, ventilation, massage and enhanced safety systems.
Comfortable seating
Leather steering wheel
Every detail is thought out
Characteristics of the NIO ES7