Polestar 2

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 660 km
- 4.7 sec.
- 78 kWh
- 660 hp
- N/A
from 49 400$
Sales of the new Polestar electric car brand, developed by the Swedish automobile concern Volvo, one of the world leaders in reliability and safety, have already started in Russia. The car was developed with the participation of Volvo and Geely, and is built on the same platform as the Swedish XC40 crossover. Thanks to the Chinese assembly the price is much lower than in America and Canada. Polestar 2 has received a 5 - star Euro NCAP 2021 rating.
Number of doors / seats - 5 / 5
Weight: 2132 kg
Battery type - triple lithium
Type of fuel - electric
Battery capacity, kWh - 78
Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec - 4.7
Maximum speed, km/h - 205
Special features
The resulting electric car has retained the general design idea of the concept, but has changed in details: it has a different form of bumpers and hood, different taillights and the opening of the fifth door. Another feature is the frameless exterior mirrors. Matrix LED headlights are already in the basic package, but for the U.S. and Canadian markets, they will be replaced by simpler passive LED units due to the peculiarities of the legislation.
Length, mm - 4607
Width, mm - 1859
Height, mm - 1478
Body: hatchback
Adaptive cruise control
All-around vision cameras
Wheelbase - 2735 mm
Tire size - 245 / 45 R19
Reliability and safety
The Polestar 2 has two electric motors with a combined output of 408 hp and 660 Nm. This is almost the level of the top version of the Tesla Model 3, which has 462 hp and 639 Nm, as well as a 75 kW∙h battery. Safety is on a par: front, curtain, side and knee airbags, as well as ISOFIX child seat mountings.
Also outfitted with a virtual instrument cluster and a panoramic roof. Intelligent parking assistance system, second-generation autopilot system, driving mode switch, integrated navigation system and multimedia system with voice control. The Polestar 2 will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.
Modern and SAFE interior
The liftback's interior is notable for its media system, which has an 11-inch vertical display and an Android operating system. There is a premium interior package: perforated Barley Nappa leather seats, seat ventilation, and a reconstructed wood interior. Panoramic roof.
Increased performance
Improved seat belt
5 seats with secure fasteners
Polestar 2
Polestar 2 Specifications