Voyah Free

Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 1201 km
- 4.8 sec.
- 39 kWh
- 490 hp
- 56 L
from 58 000$
As the owner of this premium electric vehicle, you are sure to attract the attention of your business partners, friends and everyone around you on the road. Visually, the new Voyah free has a bombshell effect, clearly competing with the gasoline models. From the first minutes of your ride in this car, you will feel the effect you have on your neighbors in traffic. Overall dimensions are slightly larger than the AUDI E-TRON, which gives the highest level of comfort for both the driver and passengers. Spacious leather interior with plenty of legroom guarantees increased comfort for the passengers of the second row.
Voyah free does not pollute the nature with exhaust emissions, completely silent driving in the city. A new era car - environmentally friendly. When you buy such an electric car, you show your concern for the environment. Buy luxury electric cars. Keep up with the times
Impeccable style
Natural materials are used in the interior of the car. The LCDs form a single large screen, which is slightly lowered during the drive shift so that the driver has a full view of the road. Large panoramic roof, which changes color while driving, and a special coating protects from direct sunlight
Safe on the road
All modern safety technologies were taken into account during the development. It is equipped with a variety of sensors to help the driver timely notice dangers on the road, and of course special attention is paid to passenger safety
Voyah Free Review
A steering wheel with a face ID easily recognizes the owner and sets the settings for him. The main user sets the settings for the other three, prohibiting, for example, crawling in personal correspondence or just starting the car if there is a teenager with bubbling hormones in the house. Roomy for the whole family and fast for speed lovers.
Powerful, under the hood 510 hp acceleration in 4.5 to 100. Size 4905x1905x1690
Great hybrid
Tank of 56 liters, 6 liters per km, 210 km battery
A style that appeals
Stylish hybrid to help you get used to an electric car, thanks to the hybrid system
Stylish hybrid
55 litres and 140km battery
Equipped with matrix headlights with thermal imager. Features three screens and auto parker. Full premium leather trim
A car from the future
Air quality management AQS
Driving comfort
Seats with ventilation, heating and massage functions
Voyah Free
Voyah Free Specifications