Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 730 km
- 3.8 sec.
- 109 kWh
- 510 hp
- N/A
from 62 000$
In December 2022, the Chinese electrified vehicle brand Voyah introduced its third model, which was also its first classic passenger car in the form of the Chasing Light luxury limousine. The car was maintained in an aesthetic identical to the Free SUV and Dreamer minivan, distinguished by a slender silhouette with hidden door handles, door ribbing and a gently sloping roofline reminiscent of fastback cars.
Voyah’s designers have also created a rear-end that looks particularly intriguing thanks to the LED taillights, light bar, and a deployable spoiler that lifts neatly out from the decklid.
Impeccable style
The front belt was formed by aggressively shaped headlights, which were joined by a light strip integrated with the company logo formed from LEDs.
The brand philosophy
The car reflects the design language of the Voyah brand and continues the range with an all-electric model with luxury styling.
Voyah Zhuiguang Luxury Electric Sedan
Electric sunshade panoramic canopy, First Class Rear Seats, Global breathing ambient light, DINAMICA ecological top fabric
Eco-friendly cockpit for mothers and babies
Eco-friendly cockpit
Safety Benchmark
Healthy air
Comfort and interior
Forest-level healthy air management system
Robust body
Ultra-high-strength steel-aluminum hybrid body
Centralized SOA
Electrical and electronic architecture
The cabin is loaded with technology and includes three 12.3-inch infotainment displays across the dashboard, a separate display on the center console to control the HVAC, and a fifth display between the rear seats.
fun sharing intelligence
360° three electric safety
AR head-up display system
50W mobile phone wireless charging
Voyah Zhuiguang
Voyah Zhuiguang Specifications