Up to 100 km/h
Motor power
Battery pack
- 702 km
- 6.4 sec.
- 98 kWh
- 312 hp
- N/A
from 80 200$
XPeng G9 Features
The Chinese company XPeng Motors began producing electric cars in 2017, but rapid growth has only recently begun. While only 27,000 cars were sold in 2020, 98,000 were sold in 2021, and the result of the first half of this year is 69,000 electric cars of three models. It took nine months to prepare the production version, and from the outside it almost does not differ from last year's exhibition model. But now the interior and characteristics of the car have been declassified. In size and format, the XPeng G9 falls in the same class as the Lexus RX or Mercedes-Benz GLE crossovers.
Length - 4891 mm
Width - 1937 mm
Height - 1680 mm
Parktronic - front/rear
Rear view camera - 360° view
Tire pressure monitoring
Wheelbase - 2998 mm Tire size - 255 / 45 R21
Sound system
The Chinese parkett has "expensive" proportions with a sliding back cab, frameless windows, and retractable door handles. The aerodynamic drag coefficient Cd is 0.272. For example, the same Mercedes GLE has this coefficient equal to 0,29. Rear-wheel drive base model XPeng G9 has one electric motor with an output of 313 hp and 430 Nm. The all-wheel drive version has a front electric motor with 238 hp, and the peak output of the system reaches 551 hp and 717 Nm. Both versions are equipped with a 98 kW∙h traction battery, but in the first case the range is 702 km (on the CLTC cycle), and in the second - 650 km.
Dynaudio audio system, which has 28 speakers and high power
Good battery with an average of 98 kW∙h
The maximum speed is limited at 200 km/h.
The G9 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 for the smoothest possible interaction with its two 14.96-inch displays. The 3D multimedia system projects the real world onto the G9's screen, providing instant feedback for a more immersive driving experience.
Level 4 Autopilot
And also on the front panel - a compact dashboard and two 15-inch "TVs" of the media system, which are installed in a single enclosure
Large trunk
The rear seats can be folded down and the trunk becomes a bed. Ideal for travelling
Voice Assistant
The system can understand and respond to complex commands from all four zones of the car, even without a network connection
Roomy and stylish interior
The five-seat interior is richly decorated, the four main seats (except for the center seat on the second row) are equipped with heating and vibromassager. The front seats are also electrically adjustable and ventilated, and the passenger seat has a folding footrest. The rear sofa has electric tilt adjustment and backrest folding.
Panoramic roof
Leather upholstery
Functional niches
The laconic interior is finished with quality materials. There are three monitors on the dashboard at once. An original solution is a large block of two combined screens. Two wireless chargers and two cupholders are installed on the central tunnel with care for you. In accordance with modern ideas about technology, the interior is almost devoid of physical buttons.
3 screens (10 / 15 / 15)
2600 kg curb weight
Good noise isolation and suspension
XPeng G9
XPeng G9 Specifications